Alcoutim continues to value sugarcane with a new course on “Transmission of Master-Apprentice Knowledge”

It is intended to transmit practical knowledge of the various techniques of working sugarcane

The second course on “Transmission of Knowledge Master-Apprentice: Sustainable Architecture of Sugarcane and Coatings” starts this Friday, July 23, in Alcoutim, in an organization of the QRER – Cooperative for the Development of Low Density Territories.

This course comes within the scope of the QRIAR – Creative Incubator of the Algarve, included in the Magallanes_ICC project, which aims to enhance the value of sugarcane (arundo donax) as a local resource of economic interest.

As in previous edition, held in November 2020, it is intended to transmit practical knowledge of the various techniques of working the cane, this time at the level of construction of false ceilings, blinds or coverings, as well as in the construction of partitions and interior walls, joining to cane the techniques of coating and plastering with clay and fine mortars.

According to QRER, «this action is aimed at a group of 10 young entrepreneurs who, in this course, seek to learn the various techniques to apply in their future projects, some of which are part of the dynamics of Oficina da Cana, QRIAR's incubation space in Alcoutim, developed with the support of the Town Hall» of this village in the Northeast of Algarve.

Thus, for 10 days, the group of participants, guided and guided by the architects of Cooperativa Voltes, from Barcelona, ​​will carry out the entire process of harvesting, cleaning and preparing sugarcane, which they will then use in the various construction techniques.

The training will take place in a real work context, as all the techniques will be applied in the restoration of a public building in the village of Balurcos – an old washing place – which will function as a space for socializing, resting and enjoying the local community .

The investment in the valorization of sugarcane «has the objective of promoting local projects in the area of ​​traditional construction, architecture and handicraft, which can generate business opportunities, dynamize the territory and establish new agents in it. Always with a logic of sustainable development, with a focus on endogenous resources and a creative and innovative approach», adds QRER.

This is a project managed by QRER Cooperative and co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund (FEDER) under the Interreg VA España–Portugal (POCTEP) 2014-2020 program, also with the co-financing of the Municipal Councils of Loulé and Alcoutim and the support of the União de Freguesias de Querença , Tôr e Benafim, from the Alte Parish Council and the Cândido Guerreiro de Alte Professional School.