Silva Fonseca dominated BMX weekend in Portimão

In the team ranking, CBP-Clube Bicross de Portimão dominated the weekend at home

Silva Fonseca (Abs BMX) won the two BMX Cup of Portugal competitions, held this Sunday, June 6, at the Parque da Juventude de Portimão.

Silva Fonseca did not give any chance to his opponents in the opening of the Portuguese BMX Cup and won both competitions, being now in command of the ranking, ahead of Kayo Camilo (Linda a Pastora Sporting Clube) and Renato Silva (Team BMX Quarteira).

In the first race, the Abs BMX junior runner finished ahead of Kayo Camilo and Jaime Airosa (Bmx Águias de S.Gabriel Best Point).

In the second scoring event for the Portuguese Cup, he again led, with Renato Silva (Team BMX Quarteira) finishing in second position and Miguel Gaboleiro (Bmx Águias de S.Gabriel Best Point) in third.

After the two competitions that inaugurated the Portugal BMX Cup, in the Women's +15 category, Rita Xufre (Setúbal Bicross Nucleus/knowledge inside) is the leader and in Women's 13-14 is Leonor Carvalho (Setúbal Bicross Nucleus/knowledge inside inside) to command the overall ranking.

In the Cruiser +40 category it was Paulo Domingues (Individual) to place himself at the front of the ranking and in Cruiser 30/39 it was João Fidalgo (AEBTT Rio/Mr.Print).

In Men's Masters, Carlos Rosado (CBP-Clube Bicross de Portimão) is the leader of the ranking, in Men's Cadets it is Bernardo Rocha (AEBTT Rio/Mr.Print) and in the School/Youth category it was André Ribeiro (CBP-Clube Bicross de Portimão) ) to put himself in charge.

In the ranking of teams, CBP-Clube Bicross de Portimão dominated the weekend at home.