Quinta dos Vales opens winery for Private Winemakers

As part of The Winemaker Experience project, the Algarve winery now has a private winery where participants can create and age their batches

Quinta dos Vales inaugurated a winery exclusively dedicated to its project The Winemaker Experience. Located inside the main winery in Lagoa, this new space allows aspiring winemakers – who have purchased or rented a lot of vines on the property – to create and age their wine in privacy, with access to the latest winemaking technologies.

Conceived by winery owner Karl Heinz Stock, The Winemaker Experience is a project that sees wine lovers become producers with the help of the Quinta dos Vales team of professionals (prices vary between 30.000 and 60.000 euros, depending on the variety and location of the lot).

“It's an exciting opportunity for aspiring winemakers, who now have the opportunity to own a vineyard and make their own wine, in a very practical approach, without having to invest millions or go back to university to study oenology,” says Stock .

"I created this project to allow oenophiles to live their passion like me, but without the hassle or cost of owning a winery." An opportunity that Karl Heinz Stock could only have dreamed of when he arrived in the Algarve in 1996.


The project, which was launched in 2017, is finally ready. After three successful harvests with a group of aspiring international winemakers, and some meticulous adjustments, the team was confident that the project was truly ready to go. With the recent addition of the Private Winemaker Room, the last piece of the puzzle is finally in place.

Completely separate from the production of fifth two vouchers, this is the perfect getaway for the Private Winemakers work on producing their wine from start to finish.

The room is equipped with stainless steel tanks and oak barrels, designed to accommodate the volume of wine desired by each winemaker, as well as always full, tanks that adapt to the amount of wine produced, allowing for between 200 and 500 litres.

Here, the wines age in French or Hungarian oak barrels, carefully arranged and identified with the name of their producer on the lid of a barrel hanging on the wall.


Everything has been designed to make the experience as practical and pleasant as possible. The wine tasting space, with a large wooden table illuminated by a chandelier, is situated in the center of the room, a short distance from the barrels and bottles.

If participants choose to store some of their bottles at Quinta dos Vales, at the end of the winemaking process, they can do so in the cellar, where the wine is kept at a stable temperature until ready to be enjoyed. It is a private winemakers club, where a hobby it can become a way of life.


The project also includes the vines, 32 modern suites built on a hillside overlooking the vineyard, which can be purchased together with a vineyard plot or separately as a holiday home or pied-a-terre so that Private Winemakers can keep an eye on their vines.