Figuras have Fernando Daniel and Silvia Pérez Cruz in a month of June «full of music and theater»

Theater director hopes that the “saudades” of Culture will lead a lot of audiences to the shows

Fernando Daniel | Photo: Martyna Mazurek | Sul Informação (File)

Fernando Daniel, “Panóptico”, “Maria, A Mãe” and Silvia Pérez Cruz are some of the highlights of Teatro das Figuras' June program, in Faro, in what will be «a month full of music and theater».

With the country still “unconfining”, after several months without being able to watch shows, Gil Silva, director of Teatro das Figuras, feels that “people are eager to consume culture and return to the theaters”.

In an interview with Sul Informação, the official said he hopes that these “misses make the public return”. Furthermore, in June there are no shortage of proposals.


Gil Silva, director of Teatro das Figuras. Photograph: Rúben Bento | Sul Informação (File)


Gil Silva begins by highlighting the national premiere of “A Gaivota”, by the João Garcia Miguel company, which is a co-production with Teatro das Figuras. This piece will have two unique sessions, this Saturday and Sunday, the 5th and 6th, at 19:30 pm.

“A Gaivota” is an original production that, “through the chaos of bodies in mutation, makes us reflect, interrogate and dialogue about notions of transsexuality, identity, expression, body, physicality, interiority, humanity, reinvention vs. extinction, until the total change of identity and gender», reveals the synopsis.


“A Gaivota”, by the company João Garcia Miguel


On the 12th, the program continues with another national premiere: “The Odder Sideshow”, with the company “Fric à Frac” bringing the Faro contemporary circus.

The show, co-produced with Teatro das Figuras, will feature knife-throwing, fire-breather, escapism, Blockhead, juggling with a chainsaw and balancing on machetes, interconnecting with clown techniques and physical theater. That is, at least interesting.

On June 16, at 19:30 pm, Silvia Pérez Cruz, "a great international artist, who will be one of the great names of the month," takes the stage, says Gil Silva.

The Spanish singer will present her latest album, “Farsa”, created with influence from other arts, such as theatre, cinema, dance, poetry, painting or animation cinema. This new work «responds to his concern regarding the duality of what is shown and what we really are».

Silvia Pérez Cruz will be accompanied by bassist Bori Albero and violinist Carlos Monfort.


Silvia Perez Cruz


Another of the month's highlights, also in music, will be the performance – in this case performances – by Fernando Daniel. The first concert, scheduled for June 19th, sold out, which led to the «opening of an extra date on the 20th», says the director of the Theater.

Designed for theaters, in the show “Presente em Acústico”, Fernando Daniel interprets, live, the songs from his second album. The pandemic forced the postponement of his concerts, but the singer arrives to Faro before the debut at the Coliseums in Porto and Lisbon.

Returning to the theater, the day before, on the 18th, “Panóptico” will be premiered, a play by Associação Cultural ArQuente, which results from “Ciclo Emergente 2020”, and which is co-produced with Teatro das Figuras.

“Far beyond the idealization of a prison, we become the jailers of a fabricated image. The expansion of the reach of voyeuristic technology over everyday gestures, the detachment from the physical world, the growing cybernetization. Addictions, private routines and indulgences, and exposure “on the net” at all levels: personal, intimate, close, social, systemic. We dance in hell. Hell is other people. And the devil, someone said, is boredom», is the motto for “Panóptico”.

At the end of the month, on the 24th of June, the “Ciclo Às Quintas no Teatro” will bring “Maria, A Mãe” to the Teatro das Figuras. With interpretations by Custódia Gallego, João Gaspar, Lucília Raimundo and Elmano Sancho (also author and director), the play is a co-production of Teatro da Trindade, Casa das Artes by Famalicão and Loup Solitaire.

“Maria, A Mãe”, the second text of the trilogy “Sagrada Família”, by Elmano Sancho, deals with loss, pain, loneliness, old age, forgetfulness and death.


“Maria, A Mãe” will be interpreted by Custódia Gallego, Elmano Sancho, João Gaspar and Lucília Raimundo


To close the June program on stage, on the 26th, the piece “Geocide” will tell «the story of a world, ours or any other, equal, with only an infinitesimal difference in focus that transforms it completely».

This show «proposes an essentially performative, visual and sound experience, which navigates through the themes of demographic mobility, the anthropocene, dystopian narratives, apocalyptic visions of the future, accelerationism, technocentrism, the post-human, biopolitics and geopolitics », highlights the Teatro das Figuras.

The play is part of the “Ciclo Às Quintas no Teatro” and is a co-production of Estrutura, Centro Cultural Vila Flor, 23 Miles – Fábrica das Ideias da Gafanha da Nazaré.

In addition to music and theater, there is also space for the exhibition “Capacidade de Carga”, by José Jesus, which opens on the 25th, at Foyer.

The exhibition will have works produced during the confinement, which are «a set of objects of a forced or fictitious anthropology», based on the idea of ​​sustainability, explains the Theater.

The complete schedule can be found at website or in the social networks of the Theater of Figures.