Câmara de Aljezur launches campaign to promote "conscious" camping and caravanning

There is also a video on social media showing the bad results of these practices

The Municipality of Aljezur launched a campaign to promote "aware" camping and caravanning, placing eight "mini outdoors that replicate the campaign launched by the Algarve Tourism Region on the network for hosting motorhomes".

According to the municipality, the campaign « intends to pass, in a positive way, an appeal for the use of spaces licensed for that purpose, which in the case of the Municipality of Aljezur»: Serrão Camping Park, in Aljezur, and the recent Service Area for Motorhomes (ASA) “Francelho on Wheels”, in Tramelo, Alfambras.

These billboards were "strategically placed in passageways to the beaches and normally sought after for this practice".

A short video was also released on the social networks of this municipality, which aims to demonstrate the impact of the improper practice of wild camping and motorhomes, with «images that are intended to shock», showing «the result of these practices by more “distracted” and “less careful people ” in a common property, in a Natural Park, which should be deserving of a different treatment”.

"We are well aware that not every motorhome driver and camper portrays themselves in this formula and that is why we are calling for the fight against this negative mark and illegal practices in this territory", stresses the City Council of Aljezur.

"At a time when important advances were made in this matter and in its regulation, such as article 50 of the Highway Code and the long-awaited guidelines for the installation of ASA in the territory of the Natural Park of Southwest Alentejo and Costa Vicentina", "It is increasingly important to raise awareness and also demonstrate that there are alternatives for lovers of these sports, which promote and enhance respect for the natural environment", concludes the municipality.