Verdelago Lands Enterprise planted 200 trees on World Biodiversity Day

The trees planted were pine, strawberry, cork and holm oak

The Terras da Verdelago project this Saturday, 22nd of May, it planted 200 native trees, as a way of commemorating World Biodiversity Day. 

The trees planted were pines, strawberry trees, cork oaks and holm oaks, «some large and others, symbolically, smaller», says the Chamber of Castro Marim.

Given the limitations imposed by the control of the pandemic, the participants were the living forces of the Altura Parish Assembly and some locals. The next action will be aimed at students from the Vila Real de Santo António School of Hotel and Tourism.

“In addition to the cultivation of trees, the participants were taken to know the walkways that wind through the consolidated vegetation area and which will lead the development's guests to the beach”, says the municipality.

«The Verdelago project is developed in a terrain where the biodiversity is quite wide, from temporary ponds, stone pine forest, maritime pine forest, cork oaks, lagoon, dunes, among others, which offer the possibility of developing a list of fauna and very diverse flora», he adds.

It was also possible to observe the dozens of nest boxes, already with the first offspring, installed in the county's territory, as a result of a protocol signed with Associação Vita Nativa, in a “Local Accommodation for Birds” project.

Within the scope of the Association's monitoring system, 64 species of fauna have already been identified.

This was one of the actions of the Verdelago Forestation Plan, which aims to plant as many trees as the number of beds installed in the Resort: in other words, 2200.

For the rest, this undertaking has been, over the decades in which its implementation is expected, much contested by environmental protection organizations, mainly because it involves the affectation of an area of ​​stone pine and other areas. habitats important Mediterranean