Reconstruction of Estaminé restaurant begins this week with debris removal

Grief will give way to hope in the place where the Estaminé Restaurant once stood

The work to remove the rubble at Estaminé, the only restaurant on Ilha Deserta, in Faro, which was consumed by fire on March 2nd, will start this week. The establishment, one of the ex-libris of the Algarve's restoration, "is going to re-build again", say its officials. In fact, the goal is to reopen in July.

The team from the company “Animaris”, which will once again flesh out the project, returned to the island to begin work on removing the debris. "The restart united the whole team in a symbolic gesture, to overcome the mourning and give way to hope", having been recorded in a photograph.

The company is in charge of 33 employees and it was with all of them in mind that the owner José Vargas, along with his family, decided not to give up and go for the solution: rebuild.

The first phase will be to remove everything that is left and start the plantar the new “Estaminé”. The structure will be identical to the previous one: «a self-sufficient restaurant that respects, protects and fully integrates into the landscape and surrounding nature», in the heart of the Ria Formosa Natural Park.

You can follow the evolution through the restaurant's social networks, on the Instagram e Facebook, where a photo of the reconstruction process will be shared every week.

State in which Estaminé was left after the fire on the night of March 2 (Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação):