Algarve company co-organizes international conference on “More Sustainable and Social Tourism in Europe”

Proactivetur joins organizations from France, Sardinia, Austria and Germany in the organization

The newly created European Sustainable Tourism Network (European Network for Sustainable Travel) promotes, on the 21st of April, from 9:00 am, an online conference on “The Most Sustainable and Social Tourism in Europe”.

The initiative has the institutional support of Turismo de Portugal and takes advantage of the fact that Portugal currently presides over the European Union and 2021 is the European Year of the Train (European Year of Rail), declared at the end of 2020 by the European Parliament.

The conference, which will be broadcast online, may be followed live by clicking here, is organized by five companies from all over Europe, namely the Algarve Proactivetur.

This initiative “comes at a time when important issues are being debated in terms of the future of tourism, not only arising from the difficult situation that this activity faces today due to the impact of Covid-19, but also due to all issues related to combating changes the reduction of biodiversity loss, the promotion of the circular economy, territorial cohesion or a harmonious relationship with resident communities», explain the organizers.

At the conference, European officials from the tourism and mobility portfolios, researchers and specialists from various universities and institutes, as well as numerous tourism professionals will participate.

Three central themes will be addressed at this conference: Sustainable Tourism in the European space and strategies for its promotion and recognition; The European Year of the Train, the opportunities to encourage travel by this means of transport and the reduction of the carbon footprint; and The Value of Culture for Sustainable Tourism;

The initiative has a partnership with Turismo de Portugal and is promoted internationally by the group of operators that make up this European network, currently bringing together more than 40 companies from different countries, namely France, Italy, Germany, Austria or Portugal.

A European Network for Sustainable Travel aims to create synergies between small European tour operators and other agents dedicated to this theme, with the aim of “strengthening their message in the European space on the need to promote a more resilient and responsible tourism from an environmental, social and cultural point of view ».

The detailed program of the event can be consulted by clicking here

Day: April 21, 2021
Time: 09.00 – 12:30
Organization: European Sustainable Tourism Network
Partner and institutional support: Tourism of Portugal


Meet the organizing team:

Birds of passage
Both an online travel guide and a booking site, Les oiseaux de passages offers a different way to travel. It is a cooperative platform that favors exchanges and encounters between inhabitants, professionals and travelers, from human to human.
On site, 1300 offers are presented, including accommodation, activities, cultural creations, local products and good deals that are shared by travelers.
They also offer stories to discover, itineraries to follow, destinations to explore and stays to book.
Founded in 2016 by Hôtel du Nord, Minga, Ekitour and Le Point Carré, Les oiseaux de passage is a Société Coopérative d'Intérêt Collectif (SCIC) which now has seventeen members: cooperatives, accommodation networks, cultural federations, and researchers.

A proactivetur is a young travel agency specializing in ecotourism and creative tourism in the Algarve and also in consultancy services for local development.
It develops hiking programs, bird watching, creative experiences around the local culture and community activities in the village, always in a close sustainable relationship with the values ​​of the territory and local communities.
They are actively committed to local production, community entrepreneurship and heritage preservation.
They work with a vast and permanent network of local partners, which includes rural accommodation, restaurants, artisans, merchants, taxis, masters of local traditions, actively involved in tourism, contributing to the preservation of infrastructure (Via Algarviana and Rota Vicentina), with a permanent respect for natural and cultural values.
It is through the full understanding of the value associated with the region's natural and cultural resources, by all those involved, that the preservation of a heritage shared by all is achieved.

Ecotourism Sardinia – Sardaigne en Liberté
Since 2016, the agency Sardaigne in freedom addresses a French and Italian audience as the first promoter of sustainable travel in Sardinia.
Since summer 2019, all activities and the entire network of companies and suppliers that work ecologically are also available in German.
Under the name Ecotourism Sardinia, the still young and ambitious sustainable tourism and environmentally conscious travel offering company based in Tortolì, on the east coast of Sardinia, is now also active for German-speaking travelers.

The Conscious TourismGroup
O Conscious Tourism Group (Austria) is a cooperative that promotes mindfulness and ethics in tourism.
It is a community of companies and individuals who support and accompany the emerging paradigm shift in tourism towards more sustainability with open minds, open hearts and an open will.
Conscious Group offers networking and grouping of sustainable tourism offers, coaching of sustainability by experienced tourism experts for tour operators and travel agencies, experience and design of destinations for regions and companies, consultancy for tourism companies, as well as for other companies with sustainable products, who are interested in entering tourism sustainable as a new market and want to use tourism as a marketing tool and of course information and advice for travellers.

anders reisen eV forum
anders reisen eV forum is a commercial and business association of small and medium tour operators based in Hamburg (Germany).
The association and its members strive for ecologically sustainable, economically viable and ethically and socially fair tourism in the long term.
To this end, members committed themselves to a wide range of criteria, the fulfillment of which is monitored through a CSR process.
The association supports its members in this process through basic work, coordination and aggregation of communication, as well as visibility of travel products on the market.
forum anders reisen raises public and political awareness of the ecological, economic and sociocultural impacts of travel and provides impetus for sustainable and fair tourism through concrete offers and programs.
The organization, promoted as a registered association, was founded in 1998 by twelve tour operators and now has 137 members (as of May 2020).