Project “100 Memories of Castro Marim” is now being shown online and on the streets

Physical exhibition at Casa do Sal will reopen as soon as possible

The “100 Memories of Castro Marim” project was  released on website and Facebook and is already showing the history of this municipality online. On the way, a street exhibition was set up, already thinking about the lack of confinement.

This initiative was born at the end of 2019, «with a challenge launched to the population, so that they would give personal and/or family memories to the municipality».

"Inspired by the need to preserve, treat and disseminate Castro Marim's historical documentation, the autarchy built a chronologically contextualized narrative, which allows not only a rescue of the past, but also the construction of a new meaning about it", according to the Chamber castromarinese.

The collection made resulted in the exhibition “100 Memories of Castro Marim”, which was inaugurated in September 2020 at Casa do Sal.

After this exhibition, «which will be reopened to the public as soon as possible», the “100 Memories of Castro Marim” are now presented online, «allowing greater projection and dissemination of a project that is intended to be continuous and in permanent growth».

The “100 Memories of Castro Marim” are also part of a street exhibition, already installed in the arteries of the border town.

When the confinement ends, anyone passing through Castro Marim “can walk through the streets of the village as if leafing through a history book. The streets, lanes or squares of Castro Marim carved out the lives of many Castro Marim people, whose memories can now be revisited in 20 panels spread around the village».

Another of the project's bets consisted in publishing a newspaper that publishes some of the collection on display, but above all that pays homage to the first existing newspaper in Castro Marim – “Flores sobre Ruínas”. The newspaper will also be distributed at the time of discontinuation, so that the public can better understand this project and interpret the street exhibition.

«In this dive into individual and fragmented memories, an audiovisual survey was also carried out on the intangible heritage of Castro Marim, which can now be viewed in the 100 Memories website and Youtube channel of the Municipality of Castro Marim», concluded the Chamber.

The municipality continues to gather contributions to this municipal collection, available for public consultation in the new Digital Archive.

Anyone wishing to contribute letters, photographs, postcards, documents, books or memorabilia can do so through the e-mail [email protected] or in person, at the Municipal Support Office, in Castro Marim.

The “100 Memories of Castro Marim” project is co-financed by the Interreg Spain-Portugal 2014-2020 Programme, supported by the European Union, 75% co-financed by the FEDER, project 0131_FOURTOURS_5_E.


Photos: Castro Marim Chamber