Portuguese gained an average of 5 kilos during the pandemic

According to a study of the “Fixando” platform

The Portuguese have gained an average of 5 kilos since the beginning of the pandemic, according to a study by the “Fixando” platform, in which 6400 people participated.

According to this survey on eating habits during the pandemic, carried out between the 18th and 24th of March, only 17% of participants said they had asked for weight since March 2020.

For 45% of respondents, Covid-19 was the main culprit for gaining weight.

"This increase in weight is mainly due to changes in eating habits, as 30% claim to have, during confinement, a much less healthy diet than they had in a pre-pandemic period", explains Alice Nunes, Director of Business Development of Fixing.

“Respondents (26%) also indicated that they did not practice any physical exercise during the pandemic period, despite recognizing that this is fundamental for health”, according to “Fixando”.

The obligation to stay at home “is now affecting not only mental health, but also physical health”.

There was, moreover, a drop in demand for nutritionists, according to the largest national platform for hiring professional services.

“The financial difficulties that the Portuguese are facing mean that only 18% have the monetary capacity to turn to a nutritionist, whose consultation costs an average of 29 euros”, concludes Alice Nunes.