Reflect recalls colleague and friend Dezman, who died in a tragic accident

"It was to try to restore some justice to this that I decided to tell our story, in my own way, through my eyes, in my words"

It's called “Imortais” and tells the story of two artists from the Algarve who were, above all, friends. The song, released by Reflect, is a tribute to Dezman, rapper who died in December, in a tragic accident on the EN125.

In interview with the program Musicália, from Rádio Universitária do Algarve (RUA) FM, Reflect, artistic name of the rapper Pedro Pinto explained that the song tells a story “that I would rather not have told…not so soon at least”.

"It's a song that takes the listener to walk through everything that is part of the growth of the label [Kimahera] and each one of us as artists," he said.

In addition to colleagues and friends, the connection to Kimahera was another connection point between Reflect and Dezman. There is, by the way, the peculiarity that Dezman's first album (“Hostile Atmosphere”) came out on the same day the production company appeared.

In his interview with Musicália, Reflect remembers Dezman as "someone who was in my life as a friend, on stage as a great support and in the studio producing much of what people know, of my own".

In addition, the artist gave a first-hand novelty that will delight fans of the hip hop: this February, there will be, posthumously, new songs by Dezman.

Returning to the “Immortals”, Reflect also said that the music also serves to “restore some justice”.

“I feel that, at this stage of our life and career, we deserved more recognition. It was to try to restore some justice to this that I decided to tell our story, in my own way, through my eyes, in my own words. So that the world can, forever, know you», says the artist.

This despite the fact that the music of both has reached "a lot of people", marking "a generation".

Dezman, artistic name of Mauro Cunha, grew up in Bairro d'Caixa de Água, in Silves. Linked to Kimahera, he released albums such as Ambiente Hostil (2005) and Bairrismundo (2010). He died in December 2020, in a tragic accident on the EN125, near Lagoa.

As for Reflect, founder of Kimahera, he debuted in 2008 with the album “Último Acto”. He has also released the albums “12 Canções Faladas and 1 Poema Desesperado”, with Napoleão Mira, and “Reflect (2013).

He has performed on stages such as MEO Sudoeste, Casa da Música and Festival MED.

The complete interview by Reflect ao Musicália, on RUA FM, will be aired this Sunday, February 7th, at 20 pm. Can listen on 00 FM or here on the radio website.






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