200 seized buckets and 30 kilos of octopus returned to the sea near Deserta

Traps were placed in a prohibited place and had no signage

A web with 200 buckets and seven kilometers long was seized by the Maritime Police, near Ilha Deserta, in Faro, "due to the lack of signage and because it is in an area not permitted, considering the distance to land", in this case, about a quarter of a mile from the oceanic coast of the island.

Inside the traps were found 30 kilos of octopus, animals that were returned to their natural habitat because they were alive.

"The material was seized as a precautionary measure and as a means of evidence, and the respective file was prepared", according to the National Maritime Authority.

In this action, “which took place within the scope of a Maritime Police patrol in the territorial sea, three elements of the Local Command of the Maritime Police of Faro, supported by a boat and a personal watercraft'.