Covid-19: Rede Expressos adjusts schedules for the next long weekend

Company will keep the activity

Rede Expressos decided to adjust the passenger transport schedule for the next weekend, bridge and holiday, at a time when there are restrictions on travel between municipalities determined by the Government, the company announced today.

"Rede Expressos is aware of the importance of the public service it provides to the population, and therefore decided to keep the transport activity in the next long weekend, even though adjusting the times, frequencies and routes to be taken", he said in a statement to road transport company.

In this sense, Rede Expressos maintains its activity between the 5th and 8th of December, inclusive. On December 8th, the usual public holiday services will operate.

The company justified the schedule adjustment with “internal reasons”, adding that “there is demand and need for people to move”.

On November 24th, the carrier decided to suspend all activity from November 28th to December 1st, inclusive, and from December 5th to December 8th, inclusive, due to the ban on travel between municipalities imposed by the Government.

“Rede Expressos, complying with the resolution of the Council of Ministers, decided to suspend the activity for the next two weekends due to the impossibility of traveling between municipalities”, he then said.

With the activity adjustment, on the 5th, 6th and 7th of December the routes Lisbon-Porto, Lisbon-Braga, Lisbon-Aveiro, Lisbon-Lagos, Lisbon-Vila Real de Santo António, Lisbon-Beja, Lisbon-Elvas will be made , Lisbon-Monção, Lisbon-Chaves, Lisbon-Leiria, Lisbon-Bragança, Porto-Bragança, Lisbon-Guarda, Lisbon-Lamego, Lisbon-Gouveia and Braga-Castelo Branco.

On November 8, when the curfew was decreed, the prime minister assured that there would be "no changes to the public transport schedule", which would continue to operate to take people to and from work.

The mandatory curfew is excepted for "situations of people who have to go to work, people who return home from work and people who have to leave for urgent reasons, whether to go to a health establishment, a pharmacy or to go to the any family member who is ill”, listed António Costa, at the time.

According to Rede Expressos, the transport service will be ensured in compliance with all the recommendations imposed by the General Directorate of Health and the Government.

The company also recalled that passengers wishing to purchase a ticket should consult its official website,