November full of events wants to show that #ACulturaÉSegura at Associação de Músicos

«Culture cannot stop and the events we make happen here are very important»

Hybrid Theory (Tribute to Linkin Park), Cocktail Room, Freddy Locks, Matiné and Jazz No Pátio are just some of the initiatives, during the month of November, at the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians (ARCM), in Faro.

«Tributes on Friday, original bands on Saturday and jazz on Sunday. At a time of many obligations in which we constantly have to repeat rules and procedures, we want culture to be a routine in safety too. And there is space for all artists, local and national».

Who says so is Jorge Santos, the main programmer of the events that take place, now regularly, in the mythical association of Faro.

«Culture cannot stop and the events we make happen here are extremely important, not only for artists who are practically at a standstill, but for the public that so much needs an escape from this pandemic current. And also, for many “invisible” people who end up being forgotten and who have the opportunity to do their work here, thanks largely to the support of FX Road Lights through equipment», he adds.

«Lighting technicians, sound technicians, stagehands and many other audiovisual professionals will stop by. Fortunately, mutual help initiatives were created by them. One of them is União Audiovisual, which does a fantastic job of collecting and distributing food, which is fundamental for many people in this sector. One of the collection points is here at ARCM. We give a standing ovation, but we don't want to depend on help. We want to work» emphasizes Jorge Santos, who is also a lighting technician.

Thus, the Musicians will receive concerts of jazz, electronics, originals, tributes to great bands, standup comedy, but also new and irreverent projects like Unplugged, where there will be the opportunity to see bands outside their usual register, in a more intimate way.

«We will also have the “Matiné”, a project that is almost schizophrenic in its way of presenting art, whether in the form of music, painting, or any other artistic expression», concludes Jorge Santos.