Arade Azul Action dedicates a week to cleaning up the João de Arens coastal zone in Portimão

The entire population must participate in this coastal cleanup action

The cleaning of the coastal strip of Portimão near the João de Arens area, collecting garbage, especially plastic, which is brought by the wind or left on the beaches and in the surrounding areas, will be carried out during the week of November 16th to 22nd. This is another Arade Azul action, promoted by the Vela Solidária project.

During this week, each citizen is invited to carry out the action individually or in small groups, always complying with the DGS rules, and to share the results through photographs, using the hashtags #velasolidaria #teiadimpulsos #aradeazul #praialimpa #mareslimpos.

“We created this action because we know that our role in the world is to take care of what is precious to us and we hope that the inhabitants of Portimão do the same”, explain the directors of the Solidarity Candle project.

“Our goals are to raise awareness, educate and mobilize the local population to the problem of pollution and in particular plastic in the seas. We want everyone to join us, because our beaches and our sea need help”, they add.

This action will start on Monday, November 16th, National Day of the Sea, and the organization intends to “articulate the promotion of physical activity with environmental awareness”.

The Arade Azul action is developed by Solidarity Candle project and organized by the Teia D'Impulsos association, with the support of the Parish Council of Portimão and the Marina de Portimão.