The final stretch of 365 Algarve has music, dance, theater and even an Astroparty

In November, there are still many shows with the seal of this program

Festival Out-(in)Verno – Photo Jorge Marques / 365Algarve

The 4th edition of “365 Algarve” is coming to an end, but there is still a lot to see in November, between theatre, dance, music and even an Astroparty.

In this latest call for events with the seal of this cultural and tourist entertainment program in the Algarve, there is “the “rescue” of a solo by Vera Mantero at Encontros do DeVIR, a new Jazz session at Adegas, the last concert of the 4th International Festival of Piano do Algarve, a symphony commissioned exclusively for the Festival of Performing Arts of Barlavento and a new edition of the Festival Out-(in)Verno».

From the 6th to the 8th of November, in Aljezur, and on the 14th and 15th of November, in Monchique, there is another show with the signature Lavrar o Mar, the “5 Fábulas para não asleep”, by Companhia Caótica.

Inspired by “five of the seven deadly sins”, the play “humorously criticizes the obsession with power, money and competition and transforms the sins of gluttony and laziness into virtues. Through the theater of objects and puppets, children are given back a talent inherent to their age: the healthy misunderstanding of the most common vices in the world of adults», according to “365 Algarve”.

On the 7th of November, in Faro, the closing of the 6th edition of Festival Encontros do DeVIR is done with two performances.

«”Maybe Ela Could Dance First and Think Later” is a milestone in Vera Mantero's choreographic career and is part of the history of Portuguese contemporary dance. It was with this solo that the author found part of her identity in terms of movement, her way of being on stage, the instruments and elements she uses to create and act. Despite having premiered in 1991 and having been presented by DeVIR in 1994, it is still alive and justifying this “rescue”», says the program's organization.

On the other hand, “Under the Flesh” «is a current, necessary and intense show, anchored in a very specific political context. It is supported by a text with a surprising, almost hilarious humor that puts the audience at the center of a death threat situation. The live music, the historical context and the traditional Lebanese dance accompany a choreographic speech that narrates the experiences of a people at war since 93 and raises the question of the body in extreme situations of wars that feed political migratory movements destined for Europe ».


Chibanga Groove – Photo provided by 365Algarve


The last session of Jazz nas Adegas takes place on November 13th and 14th, in Silves. The protagonists will be Chibanga Groove, who will provide the audience with «strong rhythms, lots of improvisation and influences from various styles. From this profusion, there is a base in the African-American musical tradition, in Latin rhythms and, predominantly, in African music, through the presence of Guinean Ibrahim Galissa, descendant of a lineage of Kora masters».

The Algarve International Piano Festival is also in the final stretch and will have the final presentation of this 4th edition at TEMPO – Teatro Municipal de Portimão, on 15 November, with a concert by Artur Pizarro, «one of the greatest Portuguese pianists of today, with an enviable curriculum and a great piano repertoire».

In Lagoa, from 20th to 22nd November, the Festival Out-(in)Verno starts from the premise “Art communicates Science thinking about Heritage” and proposes an immersive dive into the history of the Algarve and the history of the Country. The program includes concerts , hiking, staged astronomy, an Astro Party, exhibitions and workshops.

Also in Lagoa, on the 22nd of November, Jorge Salgueiro's Symphony No. 7, “Ritual of Evocation of the Elements” will premiere, in a co-production with the municipality, Ventania — Festival of Performing Arts of Barlavento and the cultural association O Corvo e the Fox.

«For this debut, a unique project of citizenship and democracy was formed, the Ventania Orquestra, a symphony orchestra, with strings, winds and percussion, and with musicians selected through open call», according to “365 Algarve”.

More information about the 365 Algarve schedule can be obtained here.