Algarve STP promotes postgraduate studies in IT Solutions Development

Course will be taught remotely

The association Algarve STP will promote a postgraduate course in IT Solutions Development. the course has open registration here, until the 30th of October, and is aimed at graduates from all scientific fields who wish to acquire knowledge for the development of software solutions.

According to Algarve STP, «the course is organized to provide skills in two programming languages: Phyton and Microsoft. The teaching staff is made up of professionals working in companies of recognized merit and university professors».

The course will be taught remotely, will last 300 hours and lasts 15 weeks. The theoretical modules (10 weeks) will be organized in an after-work schedule. The final internship (5 weeks, in part-time) will be developed within the companies that support the course.

Algarve STP emphasizes that «special conditions have been created for unemployed candidates and employees of business associations in the Algarve, which include reductions in tuition fees».

Graduates of the course will be able to program using the two computer languages ​​that will be taught.

The association emphasizes that «the huge deficit of these professionals, together with the professional internship at the end of the course, benefiting from the collaboration of the ICT companies that are associated with this initiative, allow us to foresee a set of facilities for the integration of these graduates in the labor market».

The Algarve STP (Systems and Technology Partnership) is a non-profit private association made up of municipalities, companies and the University of the Algarve, whose primary function is to foster relations between companies and R&D institutions, between municipalities and technological infrastructures, with a general objective of strengthening the Regional Innovation Ecosystem of the Algarve.