São Brás de Alportel celebrates European Heritage Days with adapted program

There are activities for the whole family

An artistic challenge for kids and adults, an online presentation of the Municipal Heritage Charter project of São Brás de Alportel, a special edition of the Nature Walks inspired by the EN2 Memory House and a set of proposals for the whole family make up the Jornadas program European Heritage 2020 in São Brás de Alportel.

“Gives color to history” is an artistic challenge that invites children and families to color images that represent the seven most relevant archaeological finds in the municipality.

The images can be ordered at the Municipal Library and are also available by clicking here. The works produced can be sent until the 30th to the e-mail [email protected] for publication on social networks and publications in the municipality.

This Friday, the 25th, at 18 pm, the Municipality will make an online presentation, through the Municipality's social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Youtube) of the Municipal Heritage Charter of São Brás de Alportel, by the voice of the multidisciplinary team that is to develop this project.

On Sunday, the 27th, at 8:30 am, the Walking Tours will return, whose theme is the “inaugural route of Estrada Nacional 2”. This tour starts at the Casa Memória on the EN2 and invites you to walk along the longest road in Europe. This is a mandatory registration activity, but free, through the address [email protected] or by telephone 289840019.

Bearing in mind the current context of the pandemic, the program also invites families to rediscover the municipality's heritage in all its senses:

MORE the Mountain kissing the Sea | at the Alto da Ameixeira Viewpoint
TO SMELL the Nature | at the Alportel Biodiversity Station
HEAR the story | at the EN2 Memory House
test the TASTE | at the Municipal Market
FEEL the millenary story that the rocks have to tell | at Quinta do Peral