Over 51% of new infections occurred in people between 20 and 49 years old

"We are in a new phase of the pandemic"

More than 51% of new Covid-19 infections occurred in people aged between 20 and 49 years, numbers that require "a collective reflection" on individual behavior, defended today the Secretary of State for Health.

"We are in a new phase of the pandemic, of the 613 new cases today, only 10% are over 70 years old, the age group where the risk of complications from Covid-19 is higher", said António Lacerda Sales at the regular conference on infection with SARS-CoV-2, the new coronavirus.

The official noted that "more than 51% of new infections" were observed in people between 20 and 49 years old, which, if on the one hand, "this is good news", because it shows that it has been "managed to preserve the health of the most vulnerable”, on the other hand, requires “a collective reflection on our individual behaviors”.

"At a time when the mobility of most citizens increases, with the return of vacations and, above all, with the start of the school year, today and during the week throughout the country, it is important that we all remain aware of our role in limiting of the spread of the virus», defended Lacerda Sales.

In this sense, he argued, "we cannot falter on this path of containment, which is the only one we have at this time when Portugal will once again enter a situation of generalized contingency throughout the country."

«We have the obligation to do everything in the street, at work and in the family to ensure that our National Health Service, which tomorrow [Tuesday] celebrates 41 years of age, continues to have the capacity to respond to this disease, but also to all the others», stressed the governor.

For this, health services will continue to be strengthened, he said, noting that since March more than 4700 health professionals have been hired to fight the pandemic.