About 22 thousand companies use the support that followed the simplified lay-off

Figures advanced by Minister Ana Mendes Godinho

Ana Mendes Godinho – Archive photo

About 22 thousand companies resorted to the support that, in August, followed the lay off simplified, said this Wednesday, September 2, the Minister of Labor, stressing that the majority opted for instruments that imply the maintenance of jobs for a longer time.

"So far, we have 22 thousand requests from companies regarding these instruments that have been approved for the post 'lay-off' which cover about 240 thousand people", said the minister of Labour, Solidarity and Social Security Ana Mendes Godinho, at the end of the Social Concertation meeting.

Speaking to journalists, the minister underlined that around 82% of the companies that resorted to the new support "are opting" for instruments "which imply the maintenance of jobs for a longer time".

According to data from the Ministry overseen by Ana Mendes Godinho, of the 22 thousand requests, 12,4 are from companies that opted for the extraordinary financial incentive to normalize business activity, which includes support equivalent to two minimum wages per worker paid throughout six months, and which implies keeping the job for eight months.

The 22 thousand requests also include 3,9 thousand companies that opted for the modality of a minimum wage paid once and six thousand as part of the support for the progressive recovery.

Government and social partners met this Wednesday, September 2, in Social Concertation, in a meeting where an assessment was made of the measures taken by the Government following the Covid-19 pandemic.