António Costa: “Next week we can reach 1.000 new cases a day”

“It is not because you are young that the responsibility is less”

The prime minister said today that Portugal is following the European trend of an increase in those infected with the new coronavirus and that, if this evolution continues, it could reach the 19 daily cases of Covid-XNUMX next week.

This position was conveyed by António Costa at the end of the crisis office meeting on the evolution of Covid-19, in Portugal, which took place in São Bento and lasted about two hours.

“If this trend continues, we will reach XNUMX cases a day. We have to stop this trend. We cannot stop the country”, declared the prime minister at the press conference.

“The social cost of confinement was brutal, the personal suffering of each one was enormous, the pain of the families was enormous and we have to avoid going through it all again. We can't go through this all over again”, stressed António Costa.

“We have to stop the pandemic by ourselves”, said the head of Government, enunciating the 5 fundamental rules: wearing a mask “as much as possible and obligatorily whenever necessary”; maintain regular hand hygiene throughout the day; strictly respect respiratory etiquette, that is, coughing into the elbow and never into the hands; maintain proper physical distance in each circumstance and effective use of the Stayaway Covid application.

According to António Costa, if these rules are complied with, it will be possible to control the pandemic, guaranteeing the normal course of the school year, “smoothly”, but ensuring the resumption of business activity, as well as, and “above all”, “the protection of the employment and the protection of household income”.

The prime minister also addressed a word to the young people: "It is not because you are young that the responsibility is lessened".

In addition to preventing the disease “in relation to ourselves”, everyone has the “responsibility” not to infect others, namely the elderly and people with other diseases. “It is an immense responsibility that we have”, he underlined.

As for schools, the head of government stressed the importance of maintaining “scrupulously” the rules that are applied in school establishments, even outside the school.

It is that, he underlined, "if a person at school does everything to not be contaminated and not to contaminate his colleagues, he must continue to do everything to not be contaminated and not to contaminate his colleagues in the surroundings of schools, in the garden, on the way to home to school, home. You have to scrupulously keep these rules too”.

“We cannot expect a policeman to come and tell us what to do. We must be our own police officers”, he added.