TASA's innovative handicrafts are showcased in Vila do Bispo

throughout the month of September

Pieces produced under the scope of TASA – Ancestral Techniques, Current Solutions, which combines crafts and tradition with design and innovation, will be on display between the 2nd and 30th of September at the Interpretative Center of Vila do Bispo.

TASA is a «project that aims to affirm and publicize the craft activity as a profession for the future», according to the Algarve Regional Coordination and Development Commission, promoter of the initiative.

This work has been guaranteed for a long time by ProActiveTur – Responsible Tourism, «company that is committed to preserving all the principles that are at the base of the project's creation, to expand its activities nationally and internationally and to value the traditional arts and crafts. ».

«Working directly with artisans who use craft materials and techniques, knowledge that has been handed down from generation to generation, the interaction with young designers results in utilitarian products with a contemporary aesthetic, also providing the integration of new artisans and artistic techniques and multiplication of contacts and promotion of joint work with various professionals, namely architectural offices, electronic sales platforms, etc», described the Algarve CCDR.

«Rural territories in low-density areas have several weaknesses, namely the gradual erosion of knowledge accumulated over millennia and the risk of losing the crafts of artisans that, due to various circumstances, have not been transmitted to new generations, so handicraft is an economic activity that should continue to be valued and that in recent years, thanks to the efforts of many, has been regaining its position», concluded the same entity.

To learn more about TASA you can visit the project website, “which has information on the materials, artisans and designers involved, as well as the project's history, research articles and news, on the various social networks or in the shop in Loulé, where you can see and buy all the products available”.