Alte, Cachopo, Paderne and Parises want to be “Villages of Portugal”

The four Algarve villages will work for two years in an application to this national network of "authentic and genuine villages"

The Algarve villages of Alte (Loulé), Cachopo (Tavira), Paderne (Albufeira) and Parises (São Brás de Alportel) will prepare, in the next two years, an application to become “Aldeias de Portugal”, a national network «of authentic and genuine villages'.

The four locations were pre-selected to work in a candidacy for the title of “Aldeias de Portugal” and will have the help of the In Loco association which, «recognizing the potential of this concept, which has been proven since 2013 in the north and center of the country» , joined the coordinating partnership of the initiative «with the aim of boosting the expansion of this national network to the center of the Algarve».

«After a general invitation to all municipalities and parishes integrated in the territory of the Local Action Group “Interior of the Central Algarve”, several were the pre-candidacies received by In Loco. The careful analysis and budget limitation of this first phase allowed the selection of the four candidate villages that best fit the criteria, so that they can later apply for the classification of “Villages of Portugal”: Alte, Cachopo, Paderne and Parises», according to Algarve local development association.

«“Aldeias de Portugal” is a national network of authentic and genuine villages, with tourist potential and which aims to preserve, enhance and make known the essence of village life, consolidating the cultural values ​​that characterize them and encouraging the sharing of the style of life of these villages and their inhabitants, offering visitors a unique experience of conviviality and contact with an authentic Portugal», added In Loco.

The project aims to "strengthen the demographic fabric of the most isolated regions, promoting villages and empowering their community", as well as "enhancing the cultural heritage of the territories".

By bringing the initiative to the Algarve, In Loco wants to «consolidate the “Aldeias de Portugal” network, extending its representation to the entire national territory» and «stimulate the emergence of local business opportunities through the enhancement, promotion and marketing of local products, traditional events and tourist services based on the experiences lived in the villages of Portugal».


Photos: In Loco Association|Aldeias de Portugal