Ferragudo lifeguard helped sailboat that ran out of propeller off Portimão

Sailboat towed to Portimão Marina

Ferragudo's lifeboat helped and towed a Latvian sailboat with three crew members to safe harbor that had a malfunction in the propulsion system off Portimão last night.

The alert was given around 21:30 pm, and the Patrão Pedro Jorge Casimiro Cardoso Lifeguard Station, from Ferragudo, was sent to the site.

The Instituto de Socorros a Náufragos vessel towed from the 17-metre sailboat to the waiting pier at the Portimão marina.

“The picket of the local Command of the Maritime Police of Portimão proceeded with the police precautionary measures until the vessel was inspected, in order to guarantee the safety conditions for it to be sailed again”, according to the National Maritime Authority.


Photos: National Maritime Authority