Dust from the Sahara Desert arrives in Portugal on Tuesday

IPMA is "following the situation"

Dust from the Sahara desert should reach the Iberian Peninsula next Tuesday, June 23, announced the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and the Atmosphere, which is "following the situation".

IPMA explains that "sandstorms in the Sahara desert are relatively frequent and the winds sometimes carry their dust far away".

Sometimes, the institute emphasizes, «the trade winds, associated with the eastern circulation of the North Atlantic Subtropical Anticyclone (aka Azores Anticyclone), favor the transport of these dust over great distances, across the Atlantic Ocean, to the American continent ».

These dusts, «rich in minerals and nutrients, eventually settle in the ocean and on land (eg Amazon) and therefore constitute an important mechanism for natural fertilization».

During these days, adds the IPMA, “the arrival of dust from the Sahara desert to the Caribbean is expected. It is a particularly intense event».

In relation to Portugal, «it is expected that these dusts will reach the Iberian Peninsula next Tuesday».


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