PCP denounces: Vilanova Resort receives money from layoff but keeps 40 workers with wage arrears

Owning company will have received "large amounts from the public purse (April and May)", but does not pay salaries to workers"

The company that owns Vilanova Resort, in the municipality of Albufeira, is «one of the many examples of the use that some economic groups are making of the current epidemic outbreak», denounced the municipality of the PCP of Albufeira. At the moment, «there are about 40 workers in this hotel unit whose salaries for March, April and May are in arrears».

Despite successive accusations by the Algarve Hotel Workers Union and the various actions of struggle that were carried out, including a concentration of workers on June 23, "the situation remains unchanged", guarantee the communists.

"Even more serious is the fact that it has been denounced that the said company will have resorted to the layoffs simplified, receiving large amounts from the public treasury (April and May), but not paying the respective salaries to workers», adds the PCP.

The communists even say that there have been «attempts to dismiss some workers (with letters not to present themselves at the workplace), as well as the non-renewal of fixed-term contracts, without any type of intervention so far. the matter, namely by the Authority for Working Conditions”.

The PCP considers this situation “unacceptable” and informs that it will demand from the government, through its Parliamentary Group, “a rapid intervention and clarification on this situation”.

Since the beginning of the impacts of the epidemic, the PCP has been demanding the «ban on dismissals and the payment of 100% wages, not only to ensure the survival of thousands of workers, but also as an important step to ensure the resumption of economic activity in Portugal. It is not acceptable that in a sector – Tourism – which has achieved fabulous profits in the Algarve region in recent years, workers should pay the consequences of the epidemic».