Cyclists Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós cycled 5 days along the EN2 from Chaves to Faro

Maria Martins guaranteed the unprecedented qualification of Portuguese track cycling for the Tokyo Olympic Games and Raquel Queirós maintains the national mountain bike in place of qualification for the Games

Maria Martins and Raquel Queirós arrived today in Faro, after traveling more than 700 kilometers from Chaves, always on the National Road 2.

The five-day trip ended with the realization of the solidarity mission proposed by the two cyclists: the offer of six bicycles and a set of helmets to be used by the children of Refúgio Aboim Ascensão.

“It was a very emotional way to end this trip. It's a way of helping those who need it most and trying to develop in children the passion for cycling”, assumes Raquel Queirós.

The five-day odyssey, under the motto “Along National Road 2 Towards Tokyo”, was also a way for the two runners to get to know a part of the country, showing that cycling allows tourism in a healthier way, closer to the territory and the its people.

“In physical terms, it is something that is done very well, as long as there is good management/organization and a controlled pace. We saw amazing landscapes. It was what I liked most about this adventure”, says Maria Martins, who already confesses to plans for the future: “I have another challenge in mind: to make our coast, which is fantastic”.

The initiative was applauded by the entire community, from cycling clubs to regional associations of the sport, including local authorities and the Olympic Committee of Portugal. Many people insisted on watching the matches and even sharing a few kilometers of road with the two runners.

“These days have surpassed all expectations, I never thought that so many people would join and support us during this challenge. In addition, the landscapes were incredible and we also took the opportunity to get to know a little about our country, which is so beautiful! It was great to share all this with Tata, who for me is a great example of determination and determination and a great figure in women's cycling”, highlights Raquel Queirós.

Maria Martins guaranteed the unprecedented qualification of Portuguese track cycling for the Tokyo Olympic Games. Two races before the end of qualifying, Raquel Queirós keeps the national BTT in place of qualifying for the Games. To materialize will be another unprecedented feat, because it will be the first Portuguese female participation in Olympic cross country (XCO).