Busto de Ganhdi should be the first of the “Jardim dos Ilustres” in Albufeira

José Carlos Rolo welcomed Albufeira's proposal to have a bust of Gandhi

Albufeira will have a “Jardim dos Ilustres” and the bust of Mahatma Gandhi should be the first: a bronze sculpture weighing 350 kilograms. This is an offer from the Embassy of India in Lisbon to Albufeira, in recognition of the good reception of the Indian community in this municipality.

José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira, received this morning, June 30, a delegation from the Embassy of India in Lisbon, led by ambassador K. Nandini Singla.

The intention was to wake up from the possibility of Albufeira hosting a 350 kilogram bronze bust of Mahatma Gandhi. José Carlos Rolo considered it an excellent proposal and said that his intention was to reserve a garden adjacent to Avenida dos Descobrimentos to house sculptures by “illustrious people”, whose nationalities are directly or indirectly linked to Albufeira.

José Carlos Rolo welcomed Albufeira's proposal to have a bust of Gandhi.

«In addition to being a spiritual leader, he was a great mathematician», says the mayor, who wants to see in Albufeira a “Jardim dos Ilustres”, not only for educational and cultural purposes, but also to express the multiculturalism of the county, whose schools have already arrived. welcoming children of 70 nationalities.

José Carlos Rolo took the opportunity to inform these officials that the Indian community is welcomed in Albufeira, as they "are peaceful and introspective" and constitute a part of the population that corresponds to the great need for labor in the municipality.

The mayor also mentioned that when the pandemic began, the Municipality was careful to clarify the Indian community, as well as others, in their native languages, about the precautions to be taken and the support available.

«In Albufeira we have many Indian workers, whether in the hotel industry or in urban hygiene and they are very well received by the population, but there is a great concern, which is unemployment due to the health context», said the mayor.

José Carlos Rolo also alerted the ambassador that, «if there is no work activity, there is the possibility of having many people unemployed, either in summer or winter, and the issue needs to be thought through».

In turn, ambassador Nandini Singla thanked Albufeira for the care it has taken towards the community it represents and said that it is open to solutions that may be proposed.

However, he made Indian artists and shows available to Albufeira whenever he wished, without any cost to the Municipality, the same happening with the bust of Gandhi, whose 150th anniversary celebrations end next October.