Loulé celebrates World Day of the Portuguese Language with an online marathon of texts

António Aleixo's square will close the initiative

There will be Camões, Casimiro de Brito, Lídia Jorge and António Aleixo. The Human XXI Biennial and the Loulé Chamber created a marathon of texts online for, tomorrow, May 5, throughout the day, celebrate the World Day of the Portuguese Language.

For 24 hours, between 00:01 and 23:59, a marathon will be held online publication of texts by poets, essayists and fiction writers related to the Portuguese language: some of them unpublished.

It will be, as the organization explains, «a journey through time, from Camões to the poet or prose writer of today».

This initiative of the Municipality of Loulé, through the Bienal Human XXI/A Cidade dos Livros, was initially planned to take place in person and with radio and internet broadcasting, at the Chapel of Senhora da Conceição, in Loulé.

Due to efforts to combat the Covid-19 pandemic, it had to be canceled and retrofitted.

So, whoever wants to follow the marathon online, can do so through this link.

The texts of this Portuguese Language Marathon will later be available to students, teachers, authors and cultural agents on this blog.

It will all end with "a masterful quatrain" by the poet António Aleixo on the multiplication of knowledge and culture:

«And so, lesson by lesson/ That little by little we learn/ From others, to others we will give,/ That to many others they will give».

This is the first year that marks the World Day of the Portuguese Language, established in 2019 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). The Portuguese language is one of the most used languages ​​of the Indo-European family and one of the most widespread languages ​​in the world, with more than 265 million speakers, and in an accelerated process of expansion and growth.

It is the most widely spoken language in the Southern Hemisphere and its speakers are spread across all continents.