Albufeira's Covid-19 sorting center is already working

Tests are done by a private laboratory

Albufeira already has a Covid-19 triage center working every day, next to the local Health Centre.

The ADC – Area Dedicated to Covid in Albufeira is open on weekdays, between 8:00 am and 20:00 pm, and on weekends, between 9:00 am and 18:00 pm, in facilities that already existed and belong to the municipality's Health Centre.

Its installation resulted from a collaboration between ARS Algarve, the Câmara Albufeirense and the AquaLab laboratories, where the tests are carried out on the collected samples.

In order for this response to become operational, the municipality “spared no efforts”, assured the Albufeira Council.

The local authority “removed the materials there, cleaned and disinfected the space, equipped the spaces with protective acrylics and took care of making exterior arrangements, such as the application of synthetic grass, garden treatment and this week will place a non-slip mat in the access area. In addition, the Municipality rented three containers for toilets with showers'.

One of these containers with a shower "is to support the Emergency Service of the Health Centre, with which the Municipality is collaborating on a daily basis."



Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Municipality has provided the Health Center «with a washing machine and dryer, protective acrylics», in addition to providing its professionals with personal protective equipment and «disposable gowns made in Albufeira».

«We have always been in articulation with the security and health forces of our municipality. As soon as the pandemic broke out, we showed all our availability to support whatever was necessary», assured José Carlos Rolo, mayor of Albufeira.

The mayor also stressed that the autarchy does not have “limits to support in the area of ​​Health, in the same way that we have been acting on several fronts. There are no limits of funds or work to guarantee the public health and well-being of my citizens».