Birthdays in Portimão surprised with “Happy Birthday” at their doorstep

Initiative has already surprised more than 200 people

More than two hundred birthdays from Portimo were surprised by “Happy Birthday” sung at the door of their homes, since last April 15th. The Municipality of Portimão launched this initiative, thinking of the population that has been confined to their homes due to the pandemic, and is reaping great receptivity, with a daily average of three birthdays.

This free service works by subscription, by sending a private message to the Facebook of the Municipality of Portimão, «between 9 am and 00 am on the day before the birthday, with the name of the person to surprise, the date of birth and the respective address, accompanied by a sentence about the birthday person», according to the City Council of Portimão.

This can be done by anyone who «has a family member, friend or someone very dear who is alone or isolated in the municipality of Portimão».



The requests will be selected «according to the possibilities», being the service carried out through a van featuring a poster of the “Portimão Stay at Home” campaign, which has a sound system with the popular theme of “Happy Birthday to You”.

When it comes to children's birthdays, the cast of the musical “Sonho do Ernesto” from Boa Esperança Atlético Clube Portimonense joins the party, who have collaborated voluntarily with the municipality on this project.

All participation rules can be consulted on the Portal of the Municipality of Portimão.