Covid-19 test center at Estádio Algarve goes live today

Suspects of having Covid-19 who do not need to be hospitalized can get tested without ever getting out of their cars

Photos: Elisabete Rodrigues|Sul Informação

O Covid-19 testing center which was installed next to the main entrance of the Estádio do Algarve starts working this afternoon. This is an answer designed to test suspects with less severe symptoms that do not require hospital care.

The creation of this new Covid-19 testing center was announced by Ana Cristina Guerreiro, Regional Health Delegate, at a press conference held on Friday, March 20, in Faro.

The initiative comes within the scope of a partnership between the Regional Health Administration (ARS) and the Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC), the latter a consortium that brings together the University of Algarve and the Hospital and University Center of the Algarve.

And how will everything work? Now, the suspected cases "will arrive guided either by the Medical Support Line or the SNS24 Line", framed Nuno Marques, director of ABC, in statements to the Sul Informação, on Friday.

“People will harvest their crops and go home. You will know the results later. In other words: this screening center will only attend to less serious cases, those who do not need to go to the hospital», he added.

«When they arrive at the place in their own vehicle, from which they never leave, people are guided by the authorities present, who show them the route to take, having two stops: next to a first tent, in which they identify themselves; in a second tent, where they test through the car window», reinforced ARS do Algarve.

The Covid-19 test center will be in operation, in this first phase, from 9:00 am to 21:00 pm, «the hours may be extended, if justified. With this measure, the Algarve's health authorities aim to reduce the risk of infection, as less serious suspected cases no longer have to go to hospitals, with tests being carried out ensuring all safety conditions», concluded the ARS.