Volunteers collect 522 kilos of garbage at Praia de Faro

Of the 522 kilos of garbage, 57 were plastic

73 volunteers collected 522 kilos of garbage, in a cleaning action this Sunday, February 9th, at Praia de Faro. 

During about an hour and a half, the group of volunteers collected about 15 to 20 pots, a net of several meters that contained several traps, lots of plastic containers, construction waste, buckets, wood, glass bottles, iron and wires. but also a bicycle that was abandoned.

"Unfortunately it was not possible to collect all the accumulated material, such as a dismantled bed and a washing machine found in the sand", says Straw Patrol, the entity that promoted the cleaning and will ask the City Council. Faro the collection of waste.



Of the 522 kilos of garbage, 57 were plastic.

Straw Patrol says that «couldn't be more satisfied with the results obtained, the great participation of the volunteers and the fantastic collaboration with the UAlg Biology Students Nucleus and with the Sea Shepherd Portugal team».

There was also the presence of MAF | Movement for the Animal of Faro who not only participated in the cleaning, but also helped an animal that was run over in the vicinity of the cleaning.

The group of volunteers was diverse and made up of children, young people and adults, students and even professor Alexandra Teodósio, vice-rector of the University of Algarve.

The next beach cleaning is already being planned for the weekend of March 14th and 15th at Ilha Deserta.