Doctors and nurses from across the country gather in the Algarve for an Emergency Course

Workshops will also take place on practical issues that health professionals face daily in emergency services.

Making emergency services more efficient and safer for patients and healthcare professionals. This is the aim of the Algarve Emergency Course, which brings doctors and nurses from all over the country to the region in the first week of March.

In addition to lectures on the most relevant topics in urgency, involving different medical specialties, there will also be workshops on practical issues that health professionals face daily in emergency services.

Participants will also have, on March 2nd and 3rd, training in advanced life support, which aims to prevent cardiorespiratory arrest and improve survival after cardiac arrest. It is a training in charge of the Algarve Biomedical Center (ABC), an entity certified by INEM for this purpose.

The Algarve Emergency Course is organized by ABC, in collaboration with the Department of Medicine of the University of Algarve and the Board of Medical Internship of the Hospital and University Center of Algarve, and takes place in the auditorium of the University of Algarve, in Faro.


March 4 day

Pediatrics Module

09:00 am – Operation of the Pediatric Emergency Service
Dr. Maria João Virtuoso, Pediatrics

09:10 am – Fever
Dr. Maria João Virtuoso and Dr. Daniel Tiago, Pediatrics

09:30 am – Cough
Dr. Noemia Silva and Dr. Sofia Baptista, Pediatrics

09:50 am – Rashes
Dr. Maria João Virtuoso and Dr. Teresa, Pediatrics

10:10 am – Coffee break

10:40 am – Abdominal Pain
Dr. Stefanie Pereira and Dr. Rita Pereira, Pediatrics

11:00 am – Vomiting and Diarrhea
Dr. Noemia Silva and Dr. Inês Coelho, Pediatrics

11:20 am – Skull and Brain Trauma
Dr. Stefanie Pereira and Dr. Inês Coelho, Pediatrics

11:45 am – Opening session

12:15 pm – Evaluation


Adults Module I

14:00 – Manchester Screening
Nurse Ana Agostinho, General Emergency

14:20 pm – Transient loss of consciousness
Dr. Raquel Pinho, Internal Medicine

14:50 pm – Acute Neurological Deficits
Dr. Catarina Frias, AVC Unit

15:20 am – Coffee break

15:50 pm – Headaches
Dr. Hipólito Nzwalo, Neurology

16:15 pm – Psychomotor agitation
Dr. Silvia Baptista, Psychiatry

16:45 pm – Evaluation


March 5 day

Adults Module II

09:00 am – Dyspnea
Dr. Marta Pereira and Dr. Karl Cunha, Pulmonology

09:30 am – Chest pain
Dr. João Guedes, Cardiology

10:00 am – Electrocardiogram and main arrhythmias
Dr. Daniela Carvalho, Cardiology

10:30 am – Coffee break

11:00 am – Intoxications
Dr. Pedro Lavado, Internal/Intensive Care

11:30 am – Anaphylaxis and Dermatological Emergency
Dr. Pedro Morais Silva, Immunoalergology

12:00 – Trauma
Dr. Tina Sinai, General Surgery

12:30 pm – Evaluation


Workshops (14pm-18pm)

Electrocardiogram, DCBM room 2.65 and 2.67
Chest X-ray, Pedagogical Complex room 1.6 and 2.13
Arterial blood gases, Amphitheater A Pedagogical Complex and Room 3.7
Neurological exam, Pedagogical Complex, room 3.18 and 3.19
Introduction to Minor Surgery, DCBM room 1.49


March 6 day

Adults Module III

09:00 am – Abdominal pain
Dr. Diogo Veiga, General Surgery

09:30 am – Urinary retention, hematuria and urinary infection
Dr. Vera Marques, Urology

10:00 am – Coffee break

10:30 am – Oligoanuria
Dr. Anabela Guedes, Nephrology

11:00 am – Digestive hemorrhage – Gastroenterology Emergency Room
Dr. Joana Roseira, Gastroenterology

11:30 am – Low back pain
Dr. Inês Simões, Internal Medicine

12:00 pm – Evaluation

Adults Module IV

14:00 pm – Gynecology-Obstetrics Emergency
Dr. Carolina Gomes, Gynecology-Obstetrics

14:30 pm – Ophthalmology Emergency Room
Prof. Doctor Érica Guerreiro, Ophthalmology

14:55 pm – Emergencies in Otorhinolaryngology
Dr. César Anjo, Otorhinolaryngology

15:20 am – Coffee break

15:45 pm – Hypo and Hyperglycemia – Endocrinological emergencies
Dr. Raquel Espírito Santo, Endochronology

16:15 pm – Sepsis
Dr. Daniel Nuñez, Internal Medicine

16:45 pm – Evaluation

Closing of work

Organizing committee
Nuno Mourao Carvalho
Raquel Menezes Fernandes
Hugo Costa
Agnes Miguel
Liliana Pedro
Joana Veloso Gomes
Marco Piedade
Marcos Baraona
Rosario Blanco

Information: [email protected]