Six Secondary Schools in the Algarve participate in the Economic Olympiad

A record number of 127 schools across the country participate

Six Secondary Schools in the Algarve participate this Wednesday, the 15th, in the First Phase of the VII Economic Olympiad.

These are the Secondary Schools Pinheiro e Rosa and Tomás Cabreira, from Faro, from the Secondary, Basic and Secondary of Albufeira, from the Dra. Laura Ayres School, from Quarteira (Loulé), and also from the Secondary Dr. Jorge Augusto Correia, from Tavira.

This year, this initiative has the participation of 127 Secondary and Professional Schools in Portugal, which "consubstantiates an absolute record of participation", stresses the organization.

As VII Economy Olympics take place in the academic year 2019/20, with the theme of Circular Economy and aimed at Secondary and Professional Schools in Portugal.

The First Phase test is composed of 50 closed-answer questions and an open-answer question, challenging participants with issues about concepts of economics and management, economic news, history and economic personalities or economic policy and, naturally, with a greater focus on circular economy.

In the VII edition, the SOs count on the registration of 125 Secondary Schools and 2 Vocational Schools, representing 83 municipalities in Portugal.

In all, 17 districts and the 2 Autonomous Regions of Portugal are represented, with the Évora district being the only one without any participating school. 103 schools had participated in the VI Economic Olympiad.

The First Phase of the Economy Olympics will select the 60 best participants of the First Phase to participate in the Final Phase, which will take place in Coimbra from April 17th to 19th.

The five winners of the VII Economic Olympiad will be selected for the Final Phase of the III International Economics Olympiad, which will take place from the 21st to the 30th of July in Kazakhstan.

In the last edition, Portugal won two bronze medals at the individual level in the International Economics Olympiad, which took place in Russia.

The Economics Olympics aim to promote a taste for economic science in young Portuguese students, being organized since 2013 by a group of young “new economists” with origin in Coimbra.

The Economics Olympics have the scientific support of the University of Coimbra and support in terms of dissemination of Ler + Ciência – National Reading Plan.

Participation in the Economic Olympiad is free of charge for all students, and the Organizing Committee's objective is to promote the teaching of economics in a democratic way and as a catalyst for the human potential of the young participants.