Rita Redshoes took children from Castro Marim to the “Floresta dos Legumes”

Session had a full house

“Rita ea Floresta dos Legumes”, a pedagogical project by Rita Redshoes in partnership with the company Betweien, was presented to the children of Castro Marim, last Friday, December 13, at the Municipal Library.

Involving various dynamics, from telling a story about Rita, through theater and the interpretation of various themes composed and sung by Rita Redshoes herself, this action fits into the municipal policy of the Castro Marim Chamber which, she argues, «has been performing a major investment in the field of food and a healthier lifestyle, namely in the area of ​​food re-education in schools and in the promotion of sports practice».



Rita's story is a story very common to all childhoods, a girl with a voracious appetite, who lost her appetite when she saw vegetables on the meal plate her parents lovingly prepared for her. One day, the vegetables, as a sign of Rita's sadness and incomprehension, turned grey. It was then that she embarked on a magical journey to a forest of giant vegetables, where she realized the importance of vegetables on her plate.

In order to celebrate the values ​​of Christmas with the little ones, as in previous years, the Chamber of Castro Marim offered the book “Rita ea Floresta dos Legumes” to about 500 children who attend pre-school and the 1st cycle in the county.