Legionella problem in Penha's spas solved «by the end of the month»

Treatments will start «in these days»

The legionella problem, which keeps the changing rooms of the Penha Municipal Pavilion closed, in Faro, more than a month ago, should be resolved by the end of this year, guaranteed a source from the Farense Chamber to the Sul Informação.

This situation, which was reported today by Barlavento, has lasted for over a month, closing both spas: the male and the female.

To our newspaper, source of the Chamber of Faro he explained that it was as part of a "regular activity of analysis that we detected, in one of the changing rooms, the presence of legionella".

«Immediately», the Public Health Authority was contacted, and «procedures for hiring a specialized company were also initiated».

The treatment "will start now in these days", proceeding "with an injection of chlorine into the water circuit". By the end of the month, everything will be normalized and the changing rooms can then be reopened.

However, despite the constraints, the activities planned for the Penha Pavilion, which is used by 500 people daily, «has been going smoothly».