Olhão has scholarships to give to university students in the county

Support is intended for needy students

Citizens of Olhão studying in higher education will be able to apply for scholarships from the Chamber during the month of November.

The municipality will award 20 scholarships with a monthly value of 180 euros, for displaced students, and 90 euros, for non-displaced university students.

This support is aimed at «deprived students in the municipality who are enrolled in higher education establishments», according to the Chamber of Olhão.

Interested parties must formalize their applications by submitting an application, which can be downloaded here, at the Single Balcony of the Municipality, between 9:00 am and 16:00 pm, or by mail to the Municipality of Olhão, accompanied by the elements required in the Scholarship Allocation Regulations.

All necessary information is available on the website of the municipality of Olho.