Work has already begun that will create a restaurant area in the Loulé Market

The contract will take four months and cost 575 thousand euros

As renovation works of the Municipal Market of Loulé, which are going to create an area with four restaurants in the emblematic space in Loulé, kicked off this Wednesday, 23 October.

The contract will take four months and cost 575 thousand euros.

Like the Sul Informação realized, at first hand, the idea is that, with this food court, the Loulé Market will become a dynamic hub not only for the commercial activity of this ex-libris of Loulé's heritage, but also for the city itself.

As explained by David Pimentel, president of the municipal company Loulé Concelho Global, the opening of four restaurants in the central area of ​​the building will create "a greater range of hours".

Currently, the Market opens at 7:00 am and closes at 15:00 pm. In the future, it will open at the same time, but it will only close at 23:00 or 24:00, without interruption.


David pimentel


The idea is that, at the same time, the operators of fish, butchers, fruit and vegetables, among others, can also develop their activity during this extended hours, “enabling consumption occasions not only in the restaurants that will be supplied here, but also also customers who visit us and people who do their shopping after work, at the end of the day», as mentioned by the person in charge of the municipal company that manages the Loulé Market.

«Since the city of Loulé has, during the morning, a much greater dynamic as a result of the commercial activity in the Market, it is estimated that the extension of these opening hours can attract people to the city also in the afternoon and not only to the direct surroundings of the Market but also to other arteries such as Praça da República or Rua Maria Campina», says Câmara de Loulé.

In addition to the works that will be carried out in the central square where these four restoration spaces will be created, creating conditions for a concession contract for their exploitation later, the work also involves improving the sanitary facilities, painting the exterior and interior of the building. , recovery of the stonework, placement of a non-slip floor in the four entrances and a new floor in the central square with the image of this historic building.

In the new restaurant area, a space with removable tables and chairs will be created, as one of the ideas of the executive of the Câmara de Loulé is that this should also be «a dynamic space for events and a social space for social interaction», creating here a terrace area where people can enjoy their meal.

Demystifying the idea that this pole will be direct competition with merchants around the market, David Pimentel considers that this is rather «a complementary offer that will empower customers in peripheral restaurants».

«The Market is increasingly transversal, as it is not only its traditional aspect here, but also its surroundings, functioning as an anchor of attraction», underlines the president of LC Global.



In order to minimize inconvenience for operators and buyers, work involving noise or dust will be carried out between 15:00 pm and 20:00 pm (when the Market is already closed).

The area where the four restaurants will be created will be properly isolated during the period in which the contract is taking place.

From the 15th to the 31st of December, the works will be stopped allowing the space to function normally during the Christmas season.

In order to keep merchants informed, the LC Global team will receive all interested parties, from 15:00 to 17:30, in the market space, to clarify any doubts about the progress of the work.

«I think that this initiative will make the city center more dynamic and I hope it can be a solution that brings more economic activity to all market operators, with this additional value that will boost the business. What interests us is to leverage the business of those who are already here with this new offer and make this iconic space, which is the Municipal Market of Loulé, even more attractive for all those who visit us», considered Vítor Aleixo, Mayor of Loule.