The “New Menhirs of Vila do Bispo” are shown at the Cultural Center

This was an initiative promoted by the Vila do Bispo Chamber

The “New Menhirs of Vila do Bispo”, created by children, will be exhibited from September 30th to November 8th at the Cultural Center of this Algarve town. 

The exhibition brings together a set of 51 artistic pieces inspired by prehistoric Neolithic menhirs, performed during the school year 2018/2019, by children in classes of the Curriculum Enrichment Activity – Knowledge of Local Heritage in Vila do Bispo.

This exhibition is the culmination of the work developed over three weeks, where children were encouraged to produce new sculptures inspired by the standing stones, painted with new decorative motifs, with the artistic support of the sculptor Tineke Smit. The artistic works, elaborated with the “papel machê” technique, were carried out in groups.

For this purpose, materials such as plastic bottles and jugs and a lot of newsprint were reused, making children aware of the good civic and environmental practices of recycling.

At the end of this initiative, the works will then be offered by the children to various local institutions, such as schools and classrooms in the municipality, Homes and Day Centres, among others.

This was an initiative promoted by the Vila do Bispo Chamber.