If this is decentralization, no thanks… [Carnide players analysis]

We put a Sportinguista to analyze the performance of Benfica players in the Super Cup and the result was this

Photo: Nelson Inácio|Sul Informação

Football from the capital coming to the province is always a reason for joy. But if it's for this barbaric spectacle, it's better to be quiet. From the football apartheid at the level of the car I was targeted when approaching the stadium, to the result that my club association was given, everything exuded cruelty. To top it off, it's up to me to analyze the opponent! With my heart overflowing with grief and my ears sore at the satanic chants sung by Benfica supporters, here's what I'm offered to write.

The enormous defenses he made in the first part, preventing the then prevailing leonine superiority from materializing and football from being, for once, a fair sport, make him clearly deserving of the immense, and already proverbial, ingratitude of which he is targeted by of the red adept mass. Swell, Odysseas!

Nuno tavares

Very strong in terms of hairstyle, almost reminiscent of the huge Thierry Correia. Only that.

It had a promising start to the game, with that attempt to unlock the transfer of another goalkeeper to the squad, but it was losing luster. It ended up, together with the other centrals of Benfica, Rúben Dias and Bas Dost, reminiscent of those typical vases from a grandparent's house: we don't really know what they're there for, except to decorate.

Rúben Days
The ceramic counterpart of Ferro and Bas Dost at the heart of the Benfica defense.

Clearly one of the few friends Vlachodimos has in the Luz squad. Grimaldo made a point of showing, with his direct free-kick, what a team in need of goalkeepers is.

An annoying guy. Luckily it has a low battery, and it doesn't last long. If he reveals regularity in this rhythm, I'm a guy to call him up for Friday's football matches.

A game of those that allows you to accumulate enough trust capital and adept love for the wrath that will be the target later in the season.

I tried to write a lot of things about Pizzi's performance, but it's hard to talk about this player's vision or reading of the game without thinking about easy jokes. He received a ornament that in a few years' time will sell very well at OLX.

Raul de Tomas
It has just arrived, and I no longer like it. The mob guy, the fact that he doesn't sit still and those Bruno Fernandes underwear don't inspire confidence for the rest of the season. By the way, if Sporting's 8 leaves because of that joke, we're going to have trouble.

I'm just going to remind you that this individual tried to stop Portugal from winning the League of Nations.


Bill Shankly considered football a more serious matter than matters of life and death. But football pales when it comes to family. And if for Rafa this was a happy game for many reasons, what makes it truly unforgettable is the immense happiness of discovering his long-lost grandfather Mathieu. This is the only way to explain the gift he received from the veteran of Inatel, and which he generously shared, endorsing it to Pizzi for the second goal.

Until this game, I had some respect for Bruno Lage. Getting into the Taarabt revealed a dark side to it, lacking in sportsmanship or respect for the opponent. Inhuman, even. Nobody deserves such enjoyment.


Salgueiro Maia once said that there are social and corporate states and the state we have reached. Well, after 8 minutes on the field, an individual named Chiquinho, coming from Moreirense, scored. I wrote this slowly, and I repeat it now in Dutch (from Google), to see if Marcel Keizer understands the gravity of what happened: na 8 minuten in het veld scoorde een persoon genaamd Chiquinho, afkomstig uit Moreirense. Sá Pinto is still detained in Faro?

Gave for everything. Even for this. Anyway…


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