Ten Iberian lynx cubs were born in the Guadiana Valley [with video]

ICNF estimates that there may be 30 births of Iberian lynxes in the Guadiana Valley in 2019

In 2019, at least ten Iberian lynx cubs were born in the Guadiana Valley. The Institute for the Conservation of Nature and Forests has already detected three litters after the current release season has ended, one of which has five small lynxes, which has been filmed.

The female Lluvia, five years old, was caught by the cameras «with her second litter, consisting of five cubs, being the first record of this amount for the Guadiana Valley and one of the few so far observed in freedom».



«The fact that all the small lynxes are alive at 2 months of age and are already accompanying their mother reflects the good quality of the reintroduction zone, especially with regard to the abundance of prey, but also the great capacity shown by the female Lluvia to care for her offspring,” says the ICNF.

Like Lluvia's puppies, released in 2015 and hailing from the center of Granadilla, the other baby Iberian lynxes that were observed also “appear in good physical condition”.

According to ICNF, "it is anticipated that 12 females may have reproduced", and forecasts "point to around 30 births in 2019, in the Guadiana Valley, which translates into a slight increase compared to the previous year".