Navy helps a French couple who were in difficulties off the Algarve

On Saturday, a man had already been rescued who suffered a heart attack on a boat, near the beach of Odeceixe

A sailboat with a French couple on board that was in difficulties off the Algarve coast was helped by the Navy at 1:50 am this Sunday.

The crew of the sailing vessel “Behaim” asked the Maritime Authority for help due to propulsion problems, which sent the Navy inspection boat “Cassiopeia” to the site on a mission in the Southern Maritime Zone.

“A team, made up of members of the crew of the Navy boat, went on board the boat to provide technical support, having successfully repaired the damage. The vessel entered the port of Olhão by its own means and in safety», according to the Navy.

On Saturday, the Maritime Authority had already rescued a man of Portuguese nationality who was suffering from symptoms of myocardial infarction, aboard a sailing vessel named “Willing”, near the beach of Odeceixe.

The man was rescued by the lifeboat SR-36 from the lifeboat station in Sines and the patient, aged 50, was transported to Vila Nova de Mil Fontes.