ICIA “goes to the ball with Teixeira Gomes” in Portimão

Instituto de Cultura Ibero-Atlântica (ICIA) to celebrate the 159th birthday of Manuel Teixeira Gomes

The Ibero-Atlântica Institute of Culture (ICIA) “goes to the ball with Teixeira Gomes”, to mark the 159th anniversary of the birth of the writer and former President of the Republic from Portimão, on the 27th, at 19 pm, in Portimão.

The flying get-together “ICIA goes to the ball with Teixeira Gomes” will take place on the esplanade of Cloque ao Mar, between the Mirante and Praia do Vau, against the backdrop of the “Greek landscape” described by Manuel Teixeira Gomes in his works.

This year, the motto for the celebrations of what would be the 159th anniversary of the illustrious Portimonense is “Teixeira Gomes and sport”.

According to João Ventura, chairman of the ICIA board, the name given to next week's get-together is linked to the “verbal phrase used in popular language, whose meaning is to sympathize with someone”.

«In the use that the ICIA gives it in this event, in addition to signifying sympathy with Manuel Teixeira Gomes, it also refers to the football theme of this unique proposal at sunset, with the impressive landscape described in “Agosto Azul” and in several excerpts of “Returns” as background», describes the ICIA.

Living up to the theme of this year's celebrations, on the event's poster, Manuel Teixeira Gomes appears dress «with the Alvinegra jersey of Portimonense, the club in his city, with which, along with Os Belenenenses, the President I was going to the ball».

"Is birthday party de Teixeira Gomes is ICIA's contribution to the European City of Sport program in Portimão and will feature a jazz combo composed of students from the Professional Course of Jazz Instrumentalists at Escola da Bemposta and with a performance by Portuguese actor João Boot”, according to João Ventura.

In this event, it is intended to demonstrate “the great enthusiasm that Teixeira Gomes had for physical education and for sport in general, as evidenced by the numerous presences as President of the Republic in sporting ceremonies, club sponsorships, commemorative dinners, inaugurations, attending football challenges, handing out cups, saluting Olympic athletes, applauding swimmers, sailors, cyclists, runners and ball players,” added Carlos Osório, vice president of the ICIA.