Supreme Court confirms illegality of dismissals at Hotel Crowne Plaza Vilamoura

The company appealed the decision of the Évora Court, but Supreme confirmed it.

The Supreme Court of Justice confirmed this week the illegality of the dismissal, by the Hotel Crowne Plaza Vilamoura, of union activist Lucília Pereira and Joaquim Costa and Mário Guerreiro, the two union representatives elected by the workers of that hotel unit.

The Court of Appeal of Évora, in a judgment of March 2018, had already considered the dismissal of the three union members, made by that hotel on November 21, 2016, illegal, and ordered the company to reinstate these workers in their jobs and pay their salaries since the dismissal. Now it was time for the Supreme Court of Justice to uphold the illegality, following the appeal filed by the company.

In a statement, the Algarve Hotel Industry Union says that this is a “great victory for the union and workers involved in this process, who thus see confirmed what they have always said: that this dismissal had no legal basis and that it only served to try to silence the struggle of the workers of that hotel for better wages and better working and living conditions».

The Union also welcomes "this fair decision" and reaffirms that "it will not give in to the anti-democratic offensive of some bosses in the sector who are trying to use the security forces and the courts to try to dissuade workers from fighting for better wages, better working conditions, for the defense of rights and for the right to a decent life».