South also turns off the lights in honor of the Planet

"Earth Hour" is a symbolic gesture to raise awareness of the problem of climate change

Faro, Portimão, Loulé, Lagoa, Tavira, Olhão, Silves, Odemira Moura, Cuba, Serpa and Grândola will set the south in the dark, in another Earth Hour, to be marked this Saturday, March 30, from 20:30 to 21:30. 

This is a worldwide initiative that aims to be a symbolic warning to the problem of climate change.

Starting with Faro, the lighting in Largo do Carmo and surrounding area will be turned off.

At "Earth Hour", Portimão, in turn, will turn off the lights in municipal buildings and public places, namely the Town Hall, Museum, São João de Deus Avenue Market, Municipal Library, Manuel Teixeira Gomes House and the Alvor and Mexilhoeira Grande Sports Complexes.

The Municipality also guarantees that it will continue «to invest in the replacement of sodium luminaires in public lighting and municipal sports equipment by LED equivalents».

«This change has already been made in terms of lighting at the Alvor Sports Complex (swimming pool and tennis court)». On the streets, the highlight goes to the «replacement of all the lighting in V6 (Rotunda do Max Mat to Rotunda Três Castelos) and V3 (in the section between Rotunda Três Castelos to Rotunda da Marina) to LED, as well as the lighting of the fountain of the Rotunda dos Três Castelos».

There is still an ongoing project to replace the lighting in several squares, namely Rotunda Salgueiro Maia and Largo 1º de Maio, in addition to a project to replace 3 public LED luminaires, which means a final saving of around 50% .

Already in Loulé, from 20:30 pm to 21:30 pm, the municipality undertakes to turn off the lights in various buildings and public spaces in the Municipality: Paços do Concelho, Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco Building/Municipal Assembly, Engenheiro Duarte Pacheco Monument, Loulé Municipal Market, Cine-Teatro Louletano , Loulé Castle Wall, Quarteira Municipal Center and buildings of the parish councils of S. Sebastião, S. Clemente, Quarteira, Salir, Querença, Tôr, Benafim and Boliqueime.

On the other hand, the Municipality undertakes to disconnect the standby of all electrical equipment existing in the Municipality after working hours.

«It is, therefore, in this context of concern, behavioral change and adaptation to the impacts of climate change, that the Municipality of Loulé once again adheres to Earth Hour, an initiative that, despite being symbolic, is the greatest action of the genre on a world scale, starting in Australia and covering the entire globe».

Em Lagoon, the lights in the Town Hall, Fort Nossa Senhora da Encarnação, the Carvoeiro/Algar Seco Walkway, the Arade Congress Center and the Estômbar, Lagoa, Sesmarias and Porches water tanks will be turned off.

Passing to Olhão, the lights in the Town Hall, José Mariano Gago Municipal Library and Municipal Swimming Pools will be turned off.

Children from elementary schools in the municipality also joined the initiative, by creating drawings alluding to the theme, which are displayed in the space between the Municipal Markets, in order to alert and sensitize the population to the theme of environmental problems.

In this way, young students from Olhão can show their concern for environmental problems, as well as see their work publicly displayed and show it to family and friends.

These drawings will then be exhibited at the Child and Environment Week, which will take place at Jardim Pescador Olhanense.

Silves, in turn, will turn off the Castle lights. Still in the Algarve, Tavira it is also associated with “Earth Hour” and will turn off the lighting in the Paços do Concelho building.

Yes, Grandola, in Alentejo, will turn off the lights of the Paços do Concelho Building, the Mural ao 25 ​​de Abril and the Elevado de Grândola Reservoir.

In addition, the Municipality of Grândola sent a message, in the water bill, which makes it possible to sensitize citizens to join this initiative at the same time.

in the village of Odemira the lighting in the Paços do Município building, in the Sociocultural Development Division Building, in Moinho de Vento, in Praça Sousa Prado will be turned off, as well as the scenic lighting at the bottom of the road bridge deck over the Mira River.

The lighting in the Public Garden of Vila Nova de Milfontes will also be turned off.

Moorish, Serpa e Cuba they will also join the initiative, but on the website, they have not yet disclosed in which buildings the lights will be turned off.

Earth Hour, an event of the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF), is a global movement that unites millions of people around the world to show their commitment to the planet.

The initiative was born 12 years ago in Sydney, as a symbolic gesture to draw attention to the problem of climate change. Last year, thousands of cities in 188 countries participated in this initiative that erased more than 12 monuments and iconic buildings.

The challenge is also given to everyone so that, during these 60 minutes, they also turn off the lights in their home or business, in a symbolic act of environmental concern.