Maritime Authority saves men trapped in rock in Milfontes

Victims did not need medical assistance

Two men were saved by the National Maritime Authority (AMN), after being trapped in a rocky area near the mouth of the Mira river, in Vila Nova de Milfontes, yesterday afternoon.

The warning was given by the victims themselves, who were surprised by the rising tide, when they were walking in an area of ​​rocky outcrops, and were unable to return to land.

The request for assistance, made through 112, was transmitted to AMN at around 14 pm, an entity that sent “two elements of the Maritime Police of Sines with a vehicle to assess the situation, a lifeboat and a motorcycle. water configured for maritime rescue, from the Sines Lifeguard Station, with three crew».

The two men were rescued a short time later by the lifeboat and transported to the pier on Franquia beach where they disembarked safely, without any injuries or need for medical assistance.

Photos: National Maritime Authority