António Raminhos goes to the Humorfest in Lagoa

Tickets are now on sale

António Raminhos is, on the 30th of March, one of the guests at the 19th edition of the Humor Fest, which takes place at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in Lagoa.

The program starts with “The Neighbors from Above”. The conjugal life of two couples, who live close, is revealed by Ana Brito e Cunha, Fernanda Serrano, Pedro Lima and Rui Melo. It will be at 21 pm on March 30th.

“Ladies' Day” is a performance for three days in a row: 21, 22 and 23, always at 19:45. This proposal takes the stage at the Carlos do Carmo Auditorium, in line with the Inclusive City that Lagoa defends as cause of the year in 2019.

She is represented by the theater group “Os Algarvios” which brings together foreigners residing in the region. ”Os Algarvios” or “The Algarveans” assume that being part of the local community is an objective and inclusion is the main reason for their constitution as a group. Previous productions by the “Algarveans” have included Americans, British, Canadians, Germans and Portuguese.

On the 29th, at 21 pm, it's time for improvisation, one of the various categories that define the Humorfest. Marta Fernandes and Ruben Silva are “at last alone”.

São Zeca and Fernanda are getting ready to spend their first Valentine's Day together. The night promises to be full of surprises. Everything would be perfect if a minor domestic accident didn't mean they were both forced to spend the night locked in the bathroom.

The following day, at 21 pm, “António Raminhos is… António Raminhos…”

For the artist, «humor and comedy are the best and greatest defense mechanism we have». And he says he's humorous to "give a different perspective on things".

According to Câmara de Lagoa, «the theater emerged from manifestations to Dionisio, god of wine, vegetation, ecstasy and metamorphosis, in ancient Greece. Little by little, Dionysian rituals were modified and transformed into tragedies and comedies, until we reached the humorfest in Lagoa».

Tickets for all shows cost 10 euros and can be purchased here