“The Artists” take Wipeout Beat to the Musicians Association

Headquarters of Sociedade Recreativa e Artística Farense is closed for works

The Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense (SRAF) promotes this Friday, March 1st, from 23:00, the first party out of doors, with a concert by the “Wipeout Beat”, at the Associação de Músicos, in Faro.

For the first time since the closing, on the 27th of October, of its emblematic headquarters, for rehabilitation works, the Sociedade Recreativa Artística Farense (SRAF) will once again promote an event, but this time, out of doors.

The initiative comes through a partnership with the Associação Recreativa e Cultural de Músicos (ARCM) and ARCM Bar, with its installations at Fábrica da Cerveja hosting the concert.

This first event is part of the SRAF's policy of continuing with its recreational and cultural program even without a temporary headquarters until the completion of works on the building located on Rua do Montepio, with an estimated duration of about two years. For this, it has the support of the City Council of Faro and partner associations.

On this first date, SRAF presents Wipeout Beat, one of the most promising bands on the national scene, which in 2018 debuted with the album 'Small Cities Big Thoughts', published by Lux Records.

The band is made up of Carlos Dias, Pedro Antunes (Calhau) and Miguel Padilha, who have an important musical career (with passages in bands such as Bunnyranch, Subway Riders, Garbage Catz, A Jigsaw, Parkinsons or Psychotronics). With Calhau on keyboards and guitar, Miguel and Carlos on keyboards, they all explore their vocal skills, accompanied by a “bouncy and cool” melody, as they describe it.

The concert starts at 23:00 and the music is then guaranteed by an old acquaintance with a special pseudonym for tonight: Jukebox Boy aka Taxman aka DJ Taxmanito, who will celebrate his birthday on this day.