Mértola discusses "Art and Periphery"

Initiative wants to "reflect on the expression of art in peripheral contexts"

The conference “Arte e Periferia” takes place on the 11th of February, at 10:00 am, in the Sacred Art nucleus of the Museum of Mértola. 

The initiative aims to «reflect on the expression of art in periphery contexts, aesthetic and artistic education and the artist and the periphery», explains Mértola City Council.

The first topic to be addressed is “The expression of art in peripheral contexts – initiatives/events/projects that promote different artistic languages” and will be moderated by Hugo Queirós, from Associação Via Criativa.

The invited experiences are: Walking Life Festival (Jens Van Ruyskensvelde and Teresa Lorena Machado), FITA – Alentejo International Theater Festival (António Revez), International Comics Festival (Paulo Monteiro), Quinta do Quetzal (António Moreira), Museum of Contemporary Art by Elvas (Patrícia Machado) and Festival Terras Sem Sombra (José Falcão).

Mauro Dilema, from the Baixo Alentejo Conservatory, moderates the second conversation dedicated to “The aesthetic and artistic education. Educating for and through the arts. Captivate and empower audiences. For creativity, perception and critical spirit”. The people and entities invited to this session are Nádia Torres (Mértola Schools Group), Rui Ramos (Baal 17 – Theater Company), César Silveira (Musiberia); Paula Varanda (Middlesex University); João Cabral (Polytechnic Institute of Beja), João Pais (Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Lisbon) and Rossana Torres (Between Images).

The last table of the conference will reflect on what it is to be an artist in the periphery with the moderation of Marta Lança and the artists Jorge Benvinda, Christiaan Zwanikken, Daniel Cardeira, Celina da Piedade, Francisco Brás and Ana Lúcia Nobre.

The program is available here